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Sitting in class, yesterday, it just kind of hit me.  The kind of feeling that just comes, smacks you if you know what I mean. I couldn’t believe how blessed I felt. I had just finished the Series Finale of “The Office”, and Pam and Jim just kind of go on and talk about how great they actually have it, because they have each other. About 20 minutes after watching it, I realized that man, I actually am pretty blessed. I have the most amazing people around me.

My relationships that have in my life are extraordinary. My friends, family, and my ability to befriend strangers are honestly what I consider the best parts of my life.  “The Office” kind of got the ball rolling on this feeling, but after I watched a video by a guy named “TJ Smith” about his Highway-Sing-Alongs, I realized just how great my friends are.  In the video, Tj drives down the road (the 405) belting out some throwback jams. In all honesty? I have some friends, who would be more than willing to turn up some N*SYNC, drive down Grand River in the middle of the afternoon, and belt it out with me.  Specifically, my roommates would probably be on their way to the car before I even finished the story. My girlfriend would be in the passenger seat if I couldn’t get anyone else to go. How lucky am I?

My relationship with my family is one of extreme importance. We’ve been through high and low, and I cannot appreciate them enough. My brother and I are quite different, but couldn’t imagine our relationship any more perfect.

So if your reading this, take a second. Realize how lucky you are to live where you do, talk to who you talk to, and just how lucky you are, to be you. No one else can be you, or have what you have. Smile, because life is great.

(Here’s a link to the Tj Smith video I watched, I guarantee you’ll smile if you watch this!)

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