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Today was another one of those days, where I was blessed to wake up and love my life. Got up before the sun, got my workout in, enjoyed all my classes for the day, and got to see this picture perfect setting while on my way. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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Let me start with this, this post is mostly for females, specifically ones who don’t hear their value enough. That they aren’t beautiful. Guys, you’ve been warned.

If you tell any female, from the time she is 5 years old, to the time she is 100, that female, is going to smile. But the difference? Is innocence; the innocence in the listener. “Beautiful” is a very positive word. In fact, it is one my favorite words because it so positive. But if you tell that girl she’s beautiful, she just may not believe you.

See, we live in a negative world. Where everything, and I mean everything, is viewed pessimistically. So if you tell her she’s beautiful, you may make her smile. But in her head, what’s she thinking? “I have a pretty face”, but I’m not sexy.. but I’m not smart.. but I have some acne.. but..but..but..

Seriously? Stop. Quit. If you are are beautiful, you’re beautiful. Want to know what puts the icing on the cake (I do believe most guys would definitely agree with this)? Confidence. Teenage girls, college women, middle aged soccer moms are all bombarded with these images and videos of advertisements with these “ideal women”. Size 0, breast implants, perfect hair, and an absolute shit ton of make up. That is not right. In fact, that’s not even close. If you, as a female, are confident? You don’t need to be a doll.

It’s easy to tell a girl on a big date, “you look beautiful”. That’s not hard, nor admirable. Be a gent fellas! Find beauty in the little things. Things that, you see everyday, and you never get sick of. If you do get sick of it, probably not the right girl for you. But regardless, look for the small things that make that girl perfectly beautiful to you, and you’ll start to see the bigger picture.

So, for the ladies who are reading this, if you woke up, are not a size 0, don’t look “Perfect” rolling out of bed, or aren’t on the cover of a magazine, don’t worry. You are in fact, still beautiful. Just remember that, and that’ll make you confident. It’s seriously that simple.

Oh, and for the guys, don’t be punks to girls. So what if she’s not your “type”, don’t be an ass.

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