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Some people are born to be great. Other people are given chances to prove they’re great. But regardless, everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. There chance to show the world “Here I am”. But as for great opportunities? Those are usually hard to spot. You have to know, when these “great moments” are upon you. So when you know you have something great, take it, and run. Run like hell with it.

Work for it. Devote every, waking second to your greatness. Whenever you think you might be slacking, you are. Don’t let yourself get to it. You and only you control whether or not this great moment, will be yours. When that moment comes, be ready. Be prepared for this moment.

Preparation? That’s the hardest part. My life has taught me one gigantic lesson that I live everyday. If you’re not making yourself better in some way, then you’re making yourself worse. You are being detrimental to your own success. There is no staying “status quo”. GET BETTER, or get worse. There’s no in between. Whether that means study for 15 minutes for each class, going to workout, actually doing homework, or just not playing those addicting video games, know which choice will make you better.

As for me? I try to live this everyday. But everyday, I’m learning new things about myself. These new things teach me what makes me better, and what makes me worse. And as much as I hate doing things that make me worse, I still do it. I wish I could sell my Playstation, but I’m 20, unemployed, and taking 16 credits. So I play games. Motivation is the key. If you want your greatness, and your success? You’ll find time. If not? You’ll find excuses.

As Michael Irvin said “Get up, look up, and never, EVER give up”


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