No do it again, I blinked.

After seeing a couple of my friends from high school at work last night, it made me think about a couple things (always good to see the Anaters, & Austin and Cassidy!). I realized, wow, I haven’t seen these people in forever. Wait, how is that possible? I’m only 21 years old?

But that’s the thing. I remember when the twins first came to school our freshmen year, and I was thinking to myself “My locker is next to the new kids!” Now I’m much further away from that day than I realized. I remember how great it was to be in high school, and see friends like Cassidy and Austin in the halls all the time. And then I realized we’re all in college now, and closer to college graduation than we are our high school days. When did I get to this point?  

My brother jokes, “oh hey old man” and I always laugh. But it’s starting to become reality. This whole, my younger brother graduates this year from high school, is 18 years old (Elizabeth is in the same boat), and that they both will be in college next year is slightly blowing my mind. When did this happen?

Oh, I remember when it happened. Now that I think about it, I remember almost all of it actually. I remember high school football and basketball, staying at friends houses, getting my license, my first job, going on and leading Kairos, my senior spring break, going to JCC, then moving to East Lansing. Honestly, I remember almost every bit of it. I can honestly say, I’ve also loved every bit of it. There hasn’t been a moment I regret, whether it’s the people who have been in my life, or the places I’ve gone and seen, I’m thankful for every single one. 

So if you’re reading this, yes, I’m thankful for you. I am, and you better believe that. I’m glad for every moment we’ve ever spent together, whether it was going somewhere, or just hanging out. These 21 years have flown by, and I anticipate they’re going to keep flying by. As much as I hate that, I’ve loved my life thus far, and wouldn’t have changed a person, place, or thing in it. I wouldn’t do it again, even though it feels like I’ve blinked and missed some, it’s been unbelievable so far and wouldn’t trade a second of any minute.

Until next time,




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