Sorry about the lack of posts on here guys, I’ve been absolutely incredibly busy. I’ve recently started a new job at Finish Line, and couldn’t be happier there. But it has taken up some of my time! This is also trying to update everyone on what’s going on with me as well (some big news in here!). But regardless, back to the positivity and hopefully, the type of stuff that makes people feel better. Here we go..

Hope is not just something you need, but something you must have. Something that lies deep inside of us, and is waiting to come out at the opportune moment. It’s the thing inside of you, that makes you burn to better than what you were yesterday whether that’s in school, personally, or physically. The burning passion you have when you think about what it is. For me? It’s life. In life, it is my hope that I become better every day. Hope that tonight, when I go to sleep, I dream of a tomorrow where I’m succeeding. That when I wake up, I set a new PR (personal record) for every exercise I do at the gym. That my homework makes sense to me, and my studies aren’t in vain.

But what can hope do?

Hope can literally transform your life. If you have hope, this can turn into self belief. This sense of self belief, can take you to places you’ll never thought imaginable. Hope is just merely the first step. But you can’t take a journey, if you don’t take the first step. Lately, my hope for progression in life has led me to exciting new things. I’ve taken a position as Community Manager for FreshmenSupport.com (a website that offers help for incoming college freshmen) which I’m extremely excited about! I’ve been hired at Finish Line, and I’m succeeding in all of my classes. If you ask me how life is? I’d say awesome.

Hope though, is hardest to hold onto when times are hard. It always seems like when one thing happens, another bad thing is looming over your next action. You spiral downward, with a negative train of though. It seems as though what can go wrong, will go wrong. Let me say this, it does NOT have to be this way. Stay true to yourself, and remember exactly what you’re hoping for, and continue to work for it. Stay positive, and stay hopefully. You can do anything, and never forget that.


The major point I’m trying to make is that if you can’t establish some form of hope for the way you want your world to be, than you can’t make life what you want. You can do anything, as long as you have hope. So hold on to that hope, and run with it.

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