Everyday, we as human beings, make judgements about other people. Fat, skinny, ugly, hot, dumb, smart are some popular ones. But what about the negative parts of judgement. The fat, the ugly, the dumb judgements we make. Those are pretty harsh things to think, and if you say these things to people, you need a harsh reality check. No one, not a single soul on this earth, is perfect. But we are all beautiful works in progress. We all are trying to better ourselves everyday. When you’re walking down the street, driving in your car, or sitting at your desk, think about the judgements you make. Think about the story behind that person. They may be dealing with some serious stuff. Don’t just say, “man, that guy is an ass” or “wow, why is she so upset about nothing?”. Remember, you may have only had a brief encounter with them, and they didn’t show themselves. They only showed a small glimpse of who they are. They could be having their worst day ever, a bad week, bad year, or just had an extremely hard life. Give people the benefit of the doubt today, take an extra second, and think positive. You’ll find your life is a much better place. I promise you that!

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One thought on “Compassion

  1. dan bkaer says:

    well said my Son

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