Glass Half Full (About Me)

My name, is Ian. Let me start by saying this for the people who don’t know me, I am unbelievably positive person. I  almost always keep a positive attitude, and I mean close to 99% percent of the time.  Of course, bad days happen to me just like they do for everyone else in the world. I just like to think that with my positive attitude, that maybe it can rub off on people. Maybe, my positivity can create a better world for myself, the people around me, and (hopefully) the people who I cross paths with everyday. As of now, I’m a 20 year old Michigan State University Student Studying Advertising. I love soccer, weight training, and everything about fitness in general.


One thought on “Glass Half Full (About Me)

  1. Kiki Dunigan says:

    I have always loved your positive attitude! And now you have found a new way to reach even more people, strangers some, with your message. Rock on, Wavebreaker!

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