Nah, it’s okay. I’ve got time.

As a 21 year old college student, there are many things in life I take for granted. Simple pleasures that I know someday I’ll miss greatly. Having roommates that I get along with really well, having a plethora of friends available to talk to all the time, even going to a great school like Michigan State gets taken for granted. One big thing I try not to take advantage of, is my family. I know, that if I don’t take advantage of the time I have with them, I will certainly regret it.

This morning, 8 year old Lacey Holsworth passed away from cancer. Yes, 8 years old..This is sending chills up my spine, and I’m having trouble writing this. My prayers and condolences to her, and the Holsworth family. I never had the privilege of meeting her, but her story has touched me more than I could have ever imagined. 

All this morning, through my morning workout and even as I began to study for the day, I’ve been thinking about her. Thinking that she was 8 years old, and didn’t deserve what she was going through or what happened to her.  It’s heartbreaking in all honesty. I can’t imagine going through that, and fighting that battle (especially at 8 years old). It’s made me think about a lot of things.

Mostly, I’ve thought about not neglecting the little things. Thinking that, maybe I can make every moment count. What if tomorrow never comes? It’s a harsh reality thinking about death, and moving on to the next life. But it’s inevitable and going to happen to all of us. We can’t stop it. But we can do our best to live our lives to the fullest. We can make life a better place for the ones we care about. This is how we make life worth living.

Wake up! Smell the roses, drink your coffee, work harder, laugh longer, stay later, put more effort and enthusiasm into everything you do. I know I’m going to try to. After all, we only have so much time, and how the hell can you even fathom wanting to waste it? This girl was 8 years old and lived her life with a smile on her face, seeing her superman Adreian Payne play basketball. She smiled, and smiled, and smiled some more capturing the heart of anyone who got to see that smile. I don’t know where life will take me, but I can promise I will add a little more enthusiasm everyday knowing that it could all be over before it even truly got started.

So I will end with this, even if you life to be 80 years old someday, you aren’t here for that long. The universe is 14 billion years old, and you’re here for maybe 80 years (if you’re lucky). This adorable princess only got 8, and that absolutely breaks my heart. So live with enthusiasm, and do something you’ve never done before because you may not get another chance. Take the time, get to know someone, you may be losing out on a great person if you don’t. Go out, spend some money, have more fun than you thought you would, because someday it could be over quicker than you thought. Most importantly, love the ones you’re around more than you ever thought you could. Invest in them, and reap the rewards that come with that. Because the greatest legacy you leave in life, isn’t something you can buy, it’s the imprint you leave on the people you love, and the time you spent with them. 


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No do it again, I blinked.

After seeing a couple of my friends from high school at work last night, it made me think about a couple things (always good to see the Anaters, & Austin and Cassidy!). I realized, wow, I haven’t seen these people in forever. Wait, how is that possible? I’m only 21 years old?

But that’s the thing. I remember when the twins first came to school our freshmen year, and I was thinking to myself “My locker is next to the new kids!” Now I’m much further away from that day than I realized. I remember how great it was to be in high school, and see friends like Cassidy and Austin in the halls all the time. And then I realized we’re all in college now, and closer to college graduation than we are our high school days. When did I get to this point?  

My brother jokes, “oh hey old man” and I always laugh. But it’s starting to become reality. This whole, my younger brother graduates this year from high school, is 18 years old (Elizabeth is in the same boat), and that they both will be in college next year is slightly blowing my mind. When did this happen?

Oh, I remember when it happened. Now that I think about it, I remember almost all of it actually. I remember high school football and basketball, staying at friends houses, getting my license, my first job, going on and leading Kairos, my senior spring break, going to JCC, then moving to East Lansing. Honestly, I remember almost every bit of it. I can honestly say, I’ve also loved every bit of it. There hasn’t been a moment I regret, whether it’s the people who have been in my life, or the places I’ve gone and seen, I’m thankful for every single one. 

So if you’re reading this, yes, I’m thankful for you. I am, and you better believe that. I’m glad for every moment we’ve ever spent together, whether it was going somewhere, or just hanging out. These 21 years have flown by, and I anticipate they’re going to keep flying by. As much as I hate that, I’ve loved my life thus far, and wouldn’t have changed a person, place, or thing in it. I wouldn’t do it again, even though it feels like I’ve blinked and missed some, it’s been unbelievable so far and wouldn’t trade a second of any minute.

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Whatever, whenever, be happy.

So after a day at the outlet mall, with some awesome people, I came home to watch the walking dead. After yet another phenomenal episode, I found myself channel surfing and trying to find something new to watch, and the Oscars were on. This was the point where Ellen took a selfie with the likes of Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Lawrence (marry me?), Merryl Streep, and a couple other various superstars. It made me think, man, does she live it up. Ellen lives the life of a rockstar. How fun would it be to be Ellen for a day?

Now I’m laying in bed pondering to myself, why? Why is Ellen so great? What unbelievable talents does she have, that I don’t? Take a second, think about that. Think about whatever star you really, really admire, and the differences between them and you. I bet you’re not so different (other than a ton of cash).

People love Ellen, because she is undeniably real. She is herself all the time, every day. And she loves that. It makes her amazing. But wait, what? Being yourself, makes you amazing? Yes, yes in fact it does. Being yourself absolute makes your unbelievable.

In a world full of people, who want to emulate others and be nothing but something there not, being real and being yourself is something that is highly valued in this world. Don’t believe me? Look at who everyone’s talking about. The Ellen’s, Jennifer Lawrence (again, marry me?), and even Miley Cyrus. These people are incredibly popular (disregard the reason for the popularity) because of who they are, and how they are. They’re themselves. So if you want to be different from everyone, and just be yourself, then do it. The world obviously loves people who are that way.

Whether you feel that love for being unbelievably unique individual is another story, and totally irrelevant. The only people whose opinions matter, are the who’s who you let matter. As Dr Seuss once said “those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind”.

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Opinions are like..


Before you read what I have to say, please take 3 minutes and watch this video. It’s actually the reason for this post.

What’s the point? Why do people do the things they do? Why would you ever act like this? So many questions arise after watching that. Mine would be, why are you so full of hate?

Now let me clarify one thing, I am certainly not perfect. Not even close. I tend to be judgmental, and sometimes a little too hard on people. But I am most definitely working on that, especially after watching that.

The biggest point I’m trying to make from this, is that you (and myself included) should all take an extra second, and extra moment of our lives, and stop. Just give people the benefit of the doubt. Cut em’ some slack. We’ve all had a bad day, where the world seems to have chewed us up, spit us out, and just felt extremely rejected by any form of success that we’ve attempted. The biggest thing you want, the feeling that helps more than anything, is a break. Whenever you can have someone just simply give you a break, can change your entire perspective.

I know, it’s hard. You may be having a bad day. But what does that mean? Two wrongs don’t make a right. Ever. So when someone wrongs you, cut em’ some slack. Don’t get me wrong though, this is certainly not easy. In fact, it’s probably one of the hardest things to do. To put away your preconceived notion of someone is always a tough thing to do. But no good thing comes easy, so work at. I’m going to start trying to. And hey, don’t be afraid to cut yourself some slack. Everyone makes a mistake. Failed exam, overslept a class, skipped a workout, spent too much on something you didn’t need, or even judged someone to quick before even attempting to comprehend their current situation is okay. No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. But greatness comes from not letting a mistake become a habit.

Sorry about my absence lately, I’m going to my best to get back on here more. Don’t know if more than a handful of people read it, but still, it’s nice to get these things off my head. Work+School=Full Time Busy.

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Sorry about the lack of posts on here guys, I’ve been absolutely incredibly busy. I’ve recently started a new job at Finish Line, and couldn’t be happier there. But it has taken up some of my time! This is also trying to update everyone on what’s going on with me as well (some big news in here!). But regardless, back to the positivity and hopefully, the type of stuff that makes people feel better. Here we go..

Hope is not just something you need, but something you must have. Something that lies deep inside of us, and is waiting to come out at the opportune moment. It’s the thing inside of you, that makes you burn to better than what you were yesterday whether that’s in school, personally, or physically. The burning passion you have when you think about what it is. For me? It’s life. In life, it is my hope that I become better every day. Hope that tonight, when I go to sleep, I dream of a tomorrow where I’m succeeding. That when I wake up, I set a new PR (personal record) for every exercise I do at the gym. That my homework makes sense to me, and my studies aren’t in vain.

But what can hope do?

Hope can literally transform your life. If you have hope, this can turn into self belief. This sense of self belief, can take you to places you’ll never thought imaginable. Hope is just merely the first step. But you can’t take a journey, if you don’t take the first step. Lately, my hope for progression in life has led me to exciting new things. I’ve taken a position as Community Manager for (a website that offers help for incoming college freshmen) which I’m extremely excited about! I’ve been hired at Finish Line, and I’m succeeding in all of my classes. If you ask me how life is? I’d say awesome.

Hope though, is hardest to hold onto when times are hard. It always seems like when one thing happens, another bad thing is looming over your next action. You spiral downward, with a negative train of though. It seems as though what can go wrong, will go wrong. Let me say this, it does NOT have to be this way. Stay true to yourself, and remember exactly what you’re hoping for, and continue to work for it. Stay positive, and stay hopefully. You can do anything, and never forget that.


The major point I’m trying to make is that if you can’t establish some form of hope for the way you want your world to be, than you can’t make life what you want. You can do anything, as long as you have hope. So hold on to that hope, and run with it.

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Everyday, we as human beings, make judgements about other people. Fat, skinny, ugly, hot, dumb, smart are some popular ones. But what about the negative parts of judgement. The fat, the ugly, the dumb judgements we make. Those are pretty harsh things to think, and if you say these things to people, you need a harsh reality check. No one, not a single soul on this earth, is perfect. But we are all beautiful works in progress. We all are trying to better ourselves everyday. When you’re walking down the street, driving in your car, or sitting at your desk, think about the judgements you make. Think about the story behind that person. They may be dealing with some serious stuff. Don’t just say, “man, that guy is an ass” or “wow, why is she so upset about nothing?”. Remember, you may have only had a brief encounter with them, and they didn’t show themselves. They only showed a small glimpse of who they are. They could be having their worst day ever, a bad week, bad year, or just had an extremely hard life. Give people the benefit of the doubt today, take an extra second, and think positive. You’ll find your life is a much better place. I promise you that!

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Today was another one of those days, where I was blessed to wake up and love my life. Got up before the sun, got my workout in, enjoyed all my classes for the day, and got to see this picture perfect setting while on my way. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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If you say that change isn’t a scary thing, you are lying, or extremely and unmeasurable courageous. Change can shake your entire world, and leave you wondering how were you ever so happy before things changed. It can crush you, and make you feel weak, and powerless. Change can even make you have thoughts of severe depression. I’m not going to lie, change scared me when I first came to MSU. I thought, man, I’m one of 50,000 now, out of my parents house, and living with people I essentially haven’t spoken to in years. I was pretty scared of that change.

Change though, can lead to great opportunities. If you embrace change, and face it head on, this new change, can open up doors you never knew even existed. But, if you’re not willing to accept these new things in life, you will inevitably be forced back to the start, before the change even happened, and before you even realize that you were too stubborn to accept this change!

This especially applies to people like me. I love my day to day routine, and 9 times out of 10, wouldn’t change a thing about it. But embracing the change I made coming to East Lansing, I’ve already made huge strides in a matter of months. I’ve gotten a new job, am developing new relationships, and working everyday to ensure, that I’m better tomorrow when I wake up, than I was today.

That’s what change can do. It can make life better for you. But if you’re not careful, it can make life, much, much worse. So embrace it, and let life do what it will.

Here’s the latest song stuck in my head, which inspired me to write this. I’m a huge Ed Sheeran fan!

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Bad days

Regardless of who you are, where you are, or what you do, having a bad day is quite frankly, inevitable. Even if you’re like me, and wake up with a good attitude everyday, life hits you. Life can hit you extremely hard, and if you don’t know how to fight back, you’ll find yourself in a bout with an opponent who is bigger, stronger, and faster. So what can you be? You can be smarter.

When you have a monumentally bad day (or week, or month, god forbid a bad year), it seems like what can go wrong, will go wrong, and definitely is going wrong. Odds are, you’re walking around with your head down, a bad attitude, and bleak outlook on everything in life. But you truly have to remember one thing. It’s vital that you remember, that this is just one day. This one day, has to end. It will be over before you know it. This bad day, can end at midnight, or it can end RIGHT NOW. It just depends on your attitude. If your strong enough, you can just about turn a day around in a matter of minutes, but not many people can just do that.

So when you wake up the next day, don’t even think about the day yesterday. Think about how awesome today can be. You make a day, not the outer forces around you. Sure a bad grade on test, you fighting with your friends, or doing something stupid can put a damper on your mood. But you don’t have to let that ruin your day tomorrow! You can wake up, and be happy. It’s totally up to you. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. “Get up, look up, and never, ever give up”– Michael Irvin.

During those good days? Make that feeling last. Use those memories to make tomorrow a better day. Use those feelings to create a buzz of happiness every time you think about that event. Whatever your attitude is, you make it that. If you want to be negative, you’re going to be negative. But if you want to be positive, and optimistic, you’ll see the world as a beautiful place. Trust me, I know how it goes!

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At a job interview yesterday, the interviewer asked a question that I knew was coming: what is your biggest strength. I already had my answer planned, and knew exactly what to say. My confidence! That’s my biggest thing, my attitude about myself. Now, I’ve been called cocky, arrogant, and just out right full of myself. But these people, these “haters”? They don’t know me, but I know me. I know everything I am, and everything I’m not. Confident, is certainly one thing I am.

Many people though, struggle with their confidence. When I say many, I mean a whole hell of a lot. I’ve got tons of friends, family members, and other people in my life, who struggle with their vision of their self. So let me say this, you are the only you in the world. Their are people like you, but no one is you! So be confident with yourself. Do you really think that someone, other than you, could do what you do on a daily basis? There’s no one and no way! You’ve got yourself figured out (for the most part), and you should be extremely proud of that. It should reflect in your confidence!

One person specifically who has absolutely blossomed with his self confidence, is my little brother Adam. This kid has quite literally grown up right next to me for the last 18 years, and the last 2-3 years, he’s learned what it means to confident. He’s evolved into the type of person who thinks “I’m me, I’m awesome, and I love it”. I could not be more proud of younger (and larger) brother.

If you don’t think you have anything to be confident about or confident in, you are extremely wrong. Like I said, you’re you! Be proud of that. If you need a little more, start working on things. Whether it’s school work, your job, or your hobbies, and work harder. Make yourself proud of the work you, and you’ll start feeling way more confident. If you can’t work harder, than you should already be proud and confident of yourself.

Oh and guys, girls love confidence. In fact, that’s how I got my girlfriend. Wasn’t the looks, or the money, but the attitude. Be yourself, and be great.

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Let me start with this, this post is mostly for females, specifically ones who don’t hear their value enough. That they aren’t beautiful. Guys, you’ve been warned.

If you tell any female, from the time she is 5 years old, to the time she is 100, that female, is going to smile. But the difference? Is innocence; the innocence in the listener. “Beautiful” is a very positive word. In fact, it is one my favorite words because it so positive. But if you tell that girl she’s beautiful, she just may not believe you.

See, we live in a negative world. Where everything, and I mean everything, is viewed pessimistically. So if you tell her she’s beautiful, you may make her smile. But in her head, what’s she thinking? “I have a pretty face”, but I’m not sexy.. but I’m not smart.. but I have some acne.. but..but..but..

Seriously? Stop. Quit. If you are are beautiful, you’re beautiful. Want to know what puts the icing on the cake (I do believe most guys would definitely agree with this)? Confidence. Teenage girls, college women, middle aged soccer moms are all bombarded with these images and videos of advertisements with these “ideal women”. Size 0, breast implants, perfect hair, and an absolute shit ton of make up. That is not right. In fact, that’s not even close. If you, as a female, are confident? You don’t need to be a doll.

It’s easy to tell a girl on a big date, “you look beautiful”. That’s not hard, nor admirable. Be a gent fellas! Find beauty in the little things. Things that, you see everyday, and you never get sick of. If you do get sick of it, probably not the right girl for you. But regardless, look for the small things that make that girl perfectly beautiful to you, and you’ll start to see the bigger picture.

So, for the ladies who are reading this, if you woke up, are not a size 0, don’t look “Perfect” rolling out of bed, or aren’t on the cover of a magazine, don’t worry. You are in fact, still beautiful. Just remember that, and that’ll make you confident. It’s seriously that simple.

Oh, and for the guys, don’t be punks to girls. So what if she’s not your “type”, don’t be an ass.

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Some people are born to be great. Other people are given chances to prove they’re great. But regardless, everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. There chance to show the world “Here I am”. But as for great opportunities? Those are usually hard to spot. You have to know, when these “great moments” are upon you. So when you know you have something great, take it, and run. Run like hell with it.

Work for it. Devote every, waking second to your greatness. Whenever you think you might be slacking, you are. Don’t let yourself get to it. You and only you control whether or not this great moment, will be yours. When that moment comes, be ready. Be prepared for this moment.

Preparation? That’s the hardest part. My life has taught me one gigantic lesson that I live everyday. If you’re not making yourself better in some way, then you’re making yourself worse. You are being detrimental to your own success. There is no staying “status quo”. GET BETTER, or get worse. There’s no in between. Whether that means study for 15 minutes for each class, going to workout, actually doing homework, or just not playing those addicting video games, know which choice will make you better.

As for me? I try to live this everyday. But everyday, I’m learning new things about myself. These new things teach me what makes me better, and what makes me worse. And as much as I hate doing things that make me worse, I still do it. I wish I could sell my Playstation, but I’m 20, unemployed, and taking 16 credits. So I play games. Motivation is the key. If you want your greatness, and your success? You’ll find time. If not? You’ll find excuses.

As Michael Irvin said “Get up, look up, and never, EVER give up”


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I remember so much of my childhood. And when I think back, it seems like every memory came along with someone telling me to slow down, and enjoy these moments. But I was way too young and immature to accept what Ferris Bueller was trying to tell me. “Life moves pretty fast, and if you don’t slow down and look around once and a while, could miss it.”

Now, I’m not saying everyday is a monumental event and you should do your best to remember it. But the moments you love that happen every weekend with your friends? Yeah, you should try your best to slow those down. Take a picture. Enjoy it. My girlfriend taught me something important a long time ago, (and some how we’re already coming up on two years together), memories are the only thing you’re left with. All the money in the world can’t buy you memories.

So slow things down. Enjoy the moment. If your friends and roommates want to go out on a Tuesday night, go. Or if your girlfriend wants to stay in, stay in. But whatever you do, make it enjoyable. Make it memorable. The last thing you want when it’s all said and done, is to question whether or not it was worth it.

Oh and as for the title? Time(flies)? Those are just my favorite musicians. It was also pretty applicable to the moment. If you want, take a listen.

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Sitting in class, yesterday, it just kind of hit me.  The kind of feeling that just comes, smacks you if you know what I mean. I couldn’t believe how blessed I felt. I had just finished the Series Finale of “The Office”, and Pam and Jim just kind of go on and talk about how great they actually have it, because they have each other. About 20 minutes after watching it, I realized that man, I actually am pretty blessed. I have the most amazing people around me.

My relationships that have in my life are extraordinary. My friends, family, and my ability to befriend strangers are honestly what I consider the best parts of my life.  “The Office” kind of got the ball rolling on this feeling, but after I watched a video by a guy named “TJ Smith” about his Highway-Sing-Alongs, I realized just how great my friends are.  In the video, Tj drives down the road (the 405) belting out some throwback jams. In all honesty? I have some friends, who would be more than willing to turn up some N*SYNC, drive down Grand River in the middle of the afternoon, and belt it out with me.  Specifically, my roommates would probably be on their way to the car before I even finished the story. My girlfriend would be in the passenger seat if I couldn’t get anyone else to go. How lucky am I?

My relationship with my family is one of extreme importance. We’ve been through high and low, and I cannot appreciate them enough. My brother and I are quite different, but couldn’t imagine our relationship any more perfect.

So if your reading this, take a second. Realize how lucky you are to live where you do, talk to who you talk to, and just how lucky you are, to be you. No one else can be you, or have what you have. Smile, because life is great.

(Here’s a link to the Tj Smith video I watched, I guarantee you’ll smile if you watch this!)

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